Pacific Rim: Uprising

Director: Seven S. DeKnight

Previs Duration – 5 months

For the Pacific Rim Uprising, HALON was given one key directive: “Make some bad a$$ shots,” and we delivered. Our team of previs artists, led by Brad Alexander, were given the technical and creative freedom to pitch ideas to the film’s key creative team, many of which are rendered in the final feature. Our team used Motionbuilder, Maya, After Effects, and Abode Premiere to render some ambitious and gripping shots.


Halon Team Credits


Previs Supervisor:

E. Bradley Alexander


Previs Artists:

Alexandra Prescott Barlow

Buffy Bailey

Jamie Bechtel

Carlos Dejesus

Kyle Lopez

Brian Magner

Jess Marley

Andre Mercier

Andi Isao Nakasone

Grant Olin

Todd Patterson

Douglas Rappin

Mike Sill

Kristin Marie Turnipseed

Timothy Xenakis

Bob Yong

Javier Zumaeta


Previs Modelers:

Alex Ballo

Sean Golding

Jenna Ruth



Patrice Avery


Production Coordinators:

Carrie Carnevale

Taylor Finan