Our Work

Ghost in the Shell

Directed by Rupert Sanders

Postvis Duration: 3 Months

Based on the internationally-acclaimed sci-fi property, live action adaptation “GHOST IN THE SHELL” from director Rupert Sanders saw HALON lending our previs and postvis expertise to over 150 shots for the exciting Third Act. Covering 4 sequences total following human-cyborg hybrid, Major, HALON collaborated with VFX Supervisors Guillaume Rocheron and John Dykstra to bring this fan favorite to life. We used Maya, After Effects and Syntheyes to turn over a large number of shots in a tight timeframe.

Halon Team Credits

Postvis Supervisors
Andrew Moffett
Clint G. Reagan

Postvis Artists
Buffy Bailey
Guenever Goik
Jerry Hall
Tom Judd
Bryan Locantore
Brian Magner
Ryan McCoy
Andre Mercier
Grant Olin
Melissa Quintas
Ron Rhee
Martin Rivera
Jaime E. Riveros
Kristin Marie Turnipseed
Alex Wolfe
Timothy Xenakis
Pierre Zah

Storyboard Artist
Roger Robinson

Patrice Avery

Associate Producer
Richard Enriquez

Production Coordinators
Carrie Carnevale
Taylor Finan